Part I

We have no right to believe that freedom can be won without struggle.Che Guevara


INTEGRITY is the software of leadership without which a leader is nothing but a primitive dangerous beast with power. – Miguna Miguna

Kenya is at a crossroads. If the 2017 elections is mismanaged, bungled or rigged, there will be apocalyptic violence, which could quickly degenerate into a civil war.

A civil war means senseless loss of innocent lives and wanton destruction of property. It would also mean the end of peace, stability and prosperity as we have known them.

Such a grim prospect must be avoided. Yet, we cannot prevent such catastrophe if we continue electing thieves, looters, drug runners, liars and hypocrites; people who will say just about anything to get elected so that they can continue stealing our money and public land.

We have clear choices in the forthcoming elections: we can choose to continue with the same scandals, thieves, looters and drug lords, or we can choose clean, progressive and committed leaders whose overriding goal is the elimination of graft, rot and flagrant waste.

Our country has slid into a quagmire of moral and financial decadence. To lift it out of this morass, we urgently need courageous, honest and disciplined leaders capable of transforming it.

Those “leaders” who have stashed away our wealth in foreign banks, build properties all over with our money, bribed judges and compromised our institutions of governance must be rejected by the people.

I urge Kenyans to register as voters in huge numbers and turn out to vote for progressive leaders who are committed to the transformation agenda.

We will soon be unveiling our website and progressive platforms. Please donate generously to our cause. We have your interests at heart and are committed to the transformation, reconstruction and clean governance we have been waiting for since independence.

The thieves, looters and drug dealers may hope to use the billions of shillings they stole from us to cause confusion, buy votes, compromise the rotten IEBC and undermine the progressive agenda. However, they cannot and will never kill our urge, desire and commitment to clean up our society once and for good.

The time is Now!

Your Loyal Servant, Governor Miguna Miguna

Part II

I am a candidate for the position of Nairobi City County Governor in 2017.


I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in politics and philosophy from the University of Toronto; a Juris Doctor (JD) from Osgoode Hall Law School of York University; and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from the same institution.

I am an honest Kenyan with integrity. I am committed to justice and equality for all.

I don’t belong to any political party or coalition. My ‘tribal’ and ‘political’ coalitions are my patriotism, unimpeachable background and an unyielding commitment to the fundamental transformation of Kenya.

I have been involved in the progressive struggle for positive change and reconstruction of Kenya for my entire life.

I have fought for, and written about, freedom from all forms of exploitation, inequality and injustice.

I strongly oppose tribalism, corruption and domination.

I have never stolen a penny from anyone. I have never bribed anyone. I have never been involved in any corrupt practice.

I believe in equity.

I believe that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity in life.

I undertake to provide equal employment opportunities for those with the requisite qualification and integrity.

There shall be ZERO tolerance to tribalism, sexism, corruption and discrimination based on any identifiable grounds.

My administration shall operate on the basis that all residents, visitors and businesses in Nairobi have a right to basic services such as a secure and safe environment to live and operate businesses in; adequate clean water; efficient and affordable transport, health care and educational systems; a clean, healthy and productive environment; functioning emergency services; clean, renewable and affordable energy; and a 24-hour accountable, transparent and respectful public service.

I am fully committed to the implementation of systems that will prevent, detect and act on any corrupt or unethical conduct and misfeasance in public office.

I believe in both equality and parity between men and women and shall unveil a 50-50 gender administration at the Nairobi City County in 2017.

All appointments in my government shall be advertised and candidates competitively recruited based only on three criteria: demonstrable qualification, competence and integrity.

Senior members of my administration such as county executive members, principal secretaries, directors and other such positions shall be subjected to public and professional vetting.

Anyone with a criminal record, or who has been dismissed for incompetence or corruption, or who is facing active prosecution, shall be disqualified from holding any public office in my government.

Comprehensive wealth and lifestyle audits of all senior and mid-level county officers shall be conducted by an independent and credible forensic audit firm prior to the assumption of office.

My government shall implement an effective “Whistleblower” regime. There will be total immunity and protection for whistleblowers.

We intend to create The Nairobi City County Asset Recovery Unit (ARU), which shall be headed by an internationally head-hunted and respected chief executive. The ARU shall review all previous Auditor General’s Reports, Parliamentary Audit Reports, the Ndung’u Land Commission Report, Kroll Investigative Report and other investigative reports for purposes of initiating public asset recovery proceedings against past and present looters.

All proceeds of crime and public assets recovered by the ARU shall be open for public verification before being deployed in massive youth employment, empowerment and reconstruction projects.

Within three months after assuming office, we shall actively source funds and embark on the construction of pedestrian walkways, bicycle lanes, under-passes and over-passes in all parts of Nairobi, especially in Kibera, Mathare, Lang’ata, Dagoreti, Dandora, Umoja, Kawangware, Huruma, Kangemi, Korogocho, Majengo, Mukuru wa Njenga, Baba Ndogo, Kayole, Roysambu, Fuata Nyayo, Eastleigh, Kariobangi, Buru Buru, Embakasi, Nyalenda, Ziwa la Ng’ombe, Greenfields, Donholm, Kasarani, and Kahawa.

All children in Nairobi will have access to safe and well-maintained recreational parks (including amusement parks) and gardens. We believe that having a healthy, active and educated population is an insurance policy against poverty, stagnation and decadence.

My team believes that education, hard work, industry and discipline are the essential ingredients for building a prosperous society.

We abhor the decadent culture embraced and celebrated by our political opponents which promote looting, robbery, drug running and dishonesty as means of making money.

We are presented with a clear choice: You have a dedicated, tested and clean leader committed to transforming Nairobi versus thieves, looters and drug lords.

If we don’t use this opportunity to take back Nairobi County from the criminal syndicates, they will continue their destructive habits and make us a narco county.

Join me in cleaning up Nairobi of destructive and endless political brinkmanship; run away corruption; incompetence; tribalism; wastefulness; and profligacy.

Let us turn out in huge numbers and vote for the most able candidate and team.

Part III

If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle.


Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.Frederick Douglass

And so I say to the Majestic People of Nairobi; get ready. Arm yourselves with your votes in your millions. Mobilize. Organize. Face the enemies of the people – the drug lords, the thieves, the looters, the brutes and their agents – in gallantry, confidence and fearlessness.

We are at war with the forces and agents of backwardness, cruelty, greed, corruption and tribalism.

We fought against colonialism and won. But our victory was stolen and usurped by thugs masquerading in suits as leaders.

We fought against the totalitarian one party rule and won. But the parasites conspired and undermined our victory. They formed many parties pretending that they were democratic. But all of them are dominated and autocratically controlled by tribal chiefs, corruption cartels and the same drug lords that made KANU suffocating.

We entrenched devolution in the Constitution so that power, services, our labour and wealth could benefit us and not continue to be usurped by the neocolonial thugs.

But the thieves, racketeers and drug lords emerged with new tricks and deceptive methods. They have formed cartels to keep looting our wealth, exploiting our labour and have turned us into paupers at whom they throw peanuts and crumbs.

The so-called leaders, most of whom hardly went to school, now live in exclusive and heavily guarded residential areas; enjoy the comforts of private members’ clubs and vacation abroad when most of us cannot afford to take our children to school; we cannot have decent meals; most of us live in hovels, drink dirty water and scavenge like pigs.

Instead of devolving power, the thieves and drug lords have devolved corruption and theft. They now wear their expensive blings, suits and drive expensive foreign vehicles while we walk.

The drug lords and economic bandits have artificially created poverty through high unemployment, high commodity prices and super-inflation.

We entrenched the Bill of Rights in the Constitution yet we still cannot hold peaceful demonstrations or even petition the crooks in suits without being brutalized by heavily armed police, paramilitary formations like the GSU and militias such as the menacing Nairobi City Kanjos.

The drug lords and thieves have made elections a farce. Instead of free and fair elections, they manipulate the process and declare themselves winners. The term “free, fair and democratic elections” have lost meaning.

Instead of passing good laws, adhering to those laws and protecting and preserving our wealth; the thieves and drug lords have depleted our coffers and mortgaged our future. Instead of uniting us, the so-called leaders are busy dividing us into tribes and antagonizing us against one another.

While they dine, enjoy and vacation together, these modern agents of confusion tell us to be suspicious of one another.

While they meet in parliament, private members’ clubs and off shore banks, they tell us that we are either Jubilant or Corded and that these two political groupings are naturally repellent against each other.

The drug lords and thieves whose salaries cannot make them billionaires are now suddenly richer than the counties that they were supposed to develop. They have betrayed their oath of office; betrayed our trust; and violated the constitution and laws they themselves had passed recently.

Under the circumstances, we, The Majestic People of Nairobi, have no option but to mobilise ourselves in small and large groups; in our hovels; apartments; houses; and on the streets in order to demonstrate to the usurpers of power – the thugs, crooks, thieves and drug lords – that WE ARE A SOVEREIGN AND FREE PEOPLE.

We must rise up and remove all the thieves and drug lords from their elevated perches in 2017.

Let freedom ring!

Part IV

This is to inform everyone including @TwitterKenya that my official Twitter handle is @MigunaMiguna and my official Facebook Page is: Governor Miguna Miguna.

Any other social media accounts purporting to belong to me are parodies or fakes. Those accounts might have been started by my detractors or supporters before or after my good friend Jeff Koinange persuaded me to become a member of this vibrant cyber community.

The time has now come for those parodies or fake accounts to be exposed, discarded or ignored as they distract from our transformative agenda, platform and campaign for Nairobi City County gubernatorial seat in 2017.

I urge my team and supporters to remain vigilant, disciplined and focused on our agenda to clean up Nairobi City County of corruption cartels, tribalism, lethargy and incompetence.

We are committed to making devolution work.

Nairobi residents pay very high taxes in tens of billions of shillings each year. However, for more than five years since we ratified the Constitution, 2010; more than Shs.100 billion of our tax money meant for development, improvement of infrastructure, job creation and the provision of basic services have been stolen by those we entrusted with the responsibility of leadership.

The current Nairobi City Governor and his cartels have looted public coffers and stashed away billions of our money in his more than 15 bank accounts in Kenya and abroad. According to the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Auditor General’s reports, Evans Kidero has misappropriated more than Shs.80 billion of our hard-earned money in the last two years alone. Between himself, his Chief of Staff and the Chief Financial Officer, they salted away all our money, built and bought themselves palaces and properties all over the world when poor citizens are left starving.

The Nairobi City County Senator Mike Sonko whose job and primary mandate was to be Evans Kidero watchman and to ensure that none of our tax money was stolen has never uttered a word in the Senate. Unfortunately, Nairobi residents had elected a functionally illiterate drug lord as their senator and a well-known thief who had bankrupted Mumias sugar farmers as their governor. These two hideously corrupt and incorrigible characters have conspired to keep Nairobi residents impoverished and ignorant so that they can hold them ransom on their filthy handouts.

A pathetic drug lord who dropped out of form 2 (grade 10) has suddenly become a billionaire, thanks to the deadly drug addiction our children are currently hooked on and dying from.

The other pathetic character, Evans Kidero has been employed all his life. For the most part, he has been earning modest salaries as an employee of various entities. His salary could not have made him a multi-billionaire.

All the billions Evans Kidero has stolen from Nairobi City County must be recovered, restored back to its rightful owners so that we can use the funds to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

I am fully committed to the provision of basic or essential services such as clean running water; health services; garbage collection, disposal and treatment; quality and humane housing; efficient transportation system; security and a viable environment for industry, business, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

I believe that the creation of job opportunities for our youth must be the central focus of any government and it shall be of my administration. The youth is a reservoir of vibrancy, creativity and productive energy, which are the motors of our economic development and cultural renaissance.

However, neglected, ignored and/or exploited as they currently are, the youth can also potentially pose a threat to themselves and our security and development. My government will not allow that to occur.

My campaign continues to emphasize that success, development and prosperity must be based on education, hard work, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and industry; not theft, looting or dishonesty as it has now become fashionable in our society.

Ultimately, my campaign is based on honesty and integrity. We eschew all forms of discrimination, particularly those based on ethnicity, class, gender, region and religion. We believe in gender equality and equity.

We rely on facts to dismantle lies, misinformation and negative propaganda by our opponents. Whereas our status-quo opponents claim that they are better suited to be elected as the governor of Nairobi, it is edifying that their so-called qualifications consist exclusively of their legendary exploits in the theft, looting and bankrupting of public assets such as Mumias Sugar Company and Nairobi City County.

Virtually all my opponents have been or are currently occupying important positions in Government. One is the governor who has inflicted most fatal wounds in the Nairobi City County’s coffers.

The other is the senator who has never uttered a word in the Senate; has never sponsored a bill to bring accountability to Nairobi City Hall; has never engineered a summons of Evans Kidero for his looting exploits; has been terrorizing Nairobi residents with illicit drugs and heavily armed goons; and has thrived on dishing bribes to residents while pretending to be generous.

Two others are current MPigs who have never sponsored a bill nor initiated a process of bringing the thieves at Nairobi City Hall to account. These two belong to the Jubilee ruling coalition. Yet they have never utilized their access to power at the national executive to bring order and accountability at City Hall.

The other is a preacher whose remit at the moment should be the spiritual rehabilitation of our youth addicted to drugs and being misused by drug lords, pimps and human traffickers. She, too, was not just an MPig, but a member of the cabinet in the previous Grand Coalition Government. Like her MPig colleagues, she did absolutely nothing for Nairobi residents when
she was an MPig and a member of the cabinet.

Those are my opponents. A miss-mash of political potato salad: people without any clear progressive ideological commitments or agendas; a group of people driven by unadulterated greed and chauvinistic tendencies. Virtually every single one of them has presided over the looting and desecration of Nairobi City County.

Ironically, rather than use their stolen wealth to create jobs and make the youth financially independent, they have constructed huge bill boards along the major Nairobi streets, looking down upon the people while pretending to be philanthropists.

Any genuine philanthropist doesn’t give handouts; s/he establishes a foundation or charity. A genuine philanthropist does not call attention to themselves nor do they run around with heavily armed thugs. None of my opponents are philanthropists: they are simply callous and poorly educated opportunists.

People need rescue operations to the emergency departments because they cannot take care of themselves. People need rescue operations to release the deceased from hospitals and funeral homes because they are poor. My commitment is to create job opportunities, grow businesses and support the private sector so that the unemployed are able to have gainful
employment and become financial secure and independent.

I am going to bring a revolution, transformation and restructuring to Nairobi City County. These are long lasting and far-reaching changes; not Band-Aids like the “Sonko Rescue Team.” These rescues take people to hospitals or to bury the dead. My commitment is to make Nairobi a healthy and productive place to live and prosper in; not for recuperation, death or
burials. Only a sick society needs rescues and recuperation.

The Nairobi City County I intend to build will not need self-serving rescue operations. After all, why would a public or state officer abscond from his duty of providing basic necessities such as publicly funded and operated ambulatory, police and fire services?

To the Majestic People of Nairobi,
Vet all the candidates scrupulously.
Examine their backgrounds forensically.
Do not elect anyone based on how much money or wealth they have or how much handouts they can dish.
Elect a governor you can trust. Elect a governor with integrity.
Do not allow yourselves to be swayed by political euphoria, coalition confusion or tribal/ethnic considerations.
Remember that you are NOT electing Jubilee or Cord to be governor.

Evans Kidero has spectacularly failed Nairobi despite being a member of ODM/Cord.
Mike Sonko has completely failed as an MPig and senator despite being a member of Jubilee/JP.

Political parties, coalitions and ethnic groups don’t govern: individuals do. I am contesting as a patriotic Kenyan who is committed to the public good.

I undertake to transform governance at the Nairobi City County; clean up City hall of corruption cartels; stop the massive theft of public resources and tribalism. These three, together with waste, lethargy and incompetence have brought us misery and suffering.

I count on all of you for support, guidance and regeneration.


Part V

Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe.


The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability.


Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them.


Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. – Arundhati Roy, War Talk

Arise, Nairobi, Arise!

This Is The Time to Expose, Shame, Chase Away, Arrest and Jail Evans Kidero, Mike Sonko and all their cartels, crooks and drug dealers from the Nairobi City County before confiscating all the BILLIONS of Shillings and large tracts of land these despicable leeches have stolen from us.

REJECT their hand-outs. Those are blood money; money they have stolen from you.

Evans Kidero and Mike Sonko have presided over the brutality we have seen in the #KanjoKingdom episodes.

The Majestic People of Nairobi: You pay taxes but you have no services.

You pay high taxes, but your security is not guaranteed.

Millions of you have no clean running water.

Millions of you live in hovels not houses.

Millions of us are surrounding with rotting, filthy and disease carrying garbage.

Nairobi has no solid waste management system.

These are services you pay for and which devolution was supposed to bring.

I shall bring these services to all Nairobi residents; not just to the few rich people in Muthaiga, Karen, Lavington, Runda, Kiuna, Ridgeways, Roselyn, Kitusuru and Lower Kabete estates.

DEMAND dignity, gainful employment, humane & habitable living conditions.

REJECT the vile propaganda that Evans Kidero has been stealing for Luos and Mike Sonko for Kambas.

The two thugs have been stealing and looting for themselves.

Evans Kidero lives in a palace in Muthaiga, has billions of our money stashed in 15 bank accounts while Mike Sonko who was until recently just an ex-con prison escapee pretending to be a matatu makanga and residing in Eastlands has suddenly acquired wealth from looting and drug deals and now lives in Runda and terrorizes innocent citizens with his heavily armed
and menacing goons.

SAY NO to Tribalism.

SAY NO to party or coalition politics. All the political parties and coalitions in Kenya are corrupt, compromised and led by cartels and bandits.

REGISTER as voters in large numbers. Arm yourselves with voters’ cards. 

Mobilise and organise yourselves in groups of 50.

ON August 17, 2017 – or whenever the rotten IEBC sets VOTING DAY – VOTE

OUT Evans Kidero, Mike Sonko and all the other status quo crooks.


Part VI

VOTE Miguna Miguna for Governor of Nairobi City County.

This is the time for transformation, restructuring and complete overhaul of the rotten Nairobi City Hall.

I’m not a one-issue man. I have freedom of thought and expression just like everyone else. I will exercise those freedoms robustly.

I’ve never attempted to silence or muzzle anyone. So, I will not allow anyone to try to muzzle me even if that means I lose a few votes.

I’m not going to forfeit my freedoms and rights for votes. If anyone’s support for me is in pursuit of some narrow parochial agenda, please be advised that I love Kenya too much to subscribe to such an agenda.

If you support the fight against the culture of impunity; support me.

However, if your interest is limited to VENGEANCE against those you hate no matter what the FACTS and EVIDENCE show, then please kindly don’t support me.

I eschew MEDIOCRITY, hypocrisy, dishonesty, greed and corruption in words and in action.

I prefer DELIVERY of services, job creation, housing, solid waste management and other basic necessities for the people than wearing FAKE humility. Humility is not the same as lying. Kenyans must stop being deceived by hypocrites who go to Church or Mosques and pretend to be humble when they steal from the people.

Leadership must be based on INTEGRITY and SERVICE DELIVERY; not on fake humility.

My campaign is based on the ideals, aspirations, dreams and needs of “ordinary” Kenyans. It is based on speaking the truth and being honest all the time.

I only promise what I am capable of and committed to delivering.

Kenyans are starving, being brutalized, stolen from and treated like garbage. I am fully committed to STANDING UP for them come rain or high water.

Thank you. Viva!

Part VII

The ungovernable amateurs in Cord have done it again. Despite my good advice that they should postpone the Kibra rally on April 16, 2016, they went there minus their principals, danced around and demanded the formation of a local judicial tribunal to try perpetrators of the 2007/8 post-election violence.

Cord engaged in that political harakiri ritual as its Headmaster was doing the same in France before getting slaughtered by the Al-Jazeera Head-To-Head’s host, Mehdi Hasan in London a few days later.

These were coordinated strategic blunders with consequential reverberations.

In a strategic masterstroke by the often bumbling and impunity-infested Jubilee, through their silver-tongued AG, Githu Muigai, Jubilee scored a terrific goal and boomed: “Yes, we will form a local judicial tribunal as demanded by Cord. No other Kenyan will be tried outside the country. We will start with the trial of the three individuals indicated by the ICC for
witness tampering. They will not be extradited to Den Hague to face justice there!”

Impunity won all rounds.

Cord seems to be trying very hard to lose the 2017 elections in 2016.

I love strategy. It is what I do for a living. I’ve been a strategist since 1987.

However, I detest uneven contests between strategists and amateurs. I also love good, fair, reasoned and democratic fights.

That’s why I gave both sides pro bono advice last week.

Next time, they will receive stiff fee notes by courier service.


In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of. – Confucius

Kenya – but more specifically Nairobi City County – is not just poorly governed; it is horribly governed.

So-called leaders and public/state officers who were elected and appointed to positions of trust in order to protect, preserve and create wealth have been engaged in an unprecedented and the most primitive looting spree ever experienced in any country throughout history.

Semi-illiterate people like Mike Sonko who were only yesterday working as matatu touts have suddenly become billionaires.
Individuals like Evans Kidero who have never been genuine entrepreneurs, are not creators nor inventors – people who were earning modest salaries as employees – have crippled, bankrupted and looted public institutions and bodies dry and suddenly emerged, in eight years, as multi-billionaires.

This sad, most unfortunate and criminal massive theft has been going on as tens of millions of hard-working and well-educated Kenyans live in squalor and are turned into beggars for handouts by the very people that have looted from them.

These so-called leaders have made education, hard-work and creativity dishonourable words in the vocabulary of the ordinary citizen. Get-rich quick schemes such as drug peddling, robbery and other unethical acts have gained currency.

As drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, promiscuity and other immoral activities spread like bush fire in both rural and urban centres turning citizens into impoverished zombies, hypocritical politicians are running around the country dishing out filthy handouts and pretending to be generous and charitable.

The intention is to turn Kenya into one huge hovel or slum occupied by mummified begging zombies who can be manipulated into voting machines after each election cycle. The less than one per cent (1%) comprising looters, thieves and members of the cartels are slowly becoming lords of more than 45 million impoverished people.

A country – and county – reduced into such a pitiable spectacle cannot create, grow or prosper. Such a decaying country – and county – cannot be just and will, therefore, die sooner rather than later.

Under these circumstances – and in such an unequal and inhumane society – Confucius was right; wealth would be rightly viewed as something to be ashamed of.

Unlike my opponents, I am fully committed to transforming this sorry state and making Nairobi a thriving, lively, healthy, equal, prosperous and just county where no single socio-economic group, ethnic group and gender will dominate the other and turn them into mummified begging zombies.

Join me in liberating Nairobi.

Join me in making poverty something to be ashamed of.

Join me in making wealth something to be proud of.

Join me in uplifting, empowering and enabling everyone to be self-reliant, financially secure and independent.

Join me in creating an enabling environment for job-creation.

Join me in creating an equal and just society.

It can and must be done!

This is the time. Viva!

Part IX

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true

education. – Martin, Luther King, Jr

Unfortunately, Kenya – but more specifically Nairobi – has people in elevated positions of power as Governor, Senator, MPigs (nominated and elected) and MCAs either with no education or too little education – or with absolutely no scintilla of CHARACTER.

“Leaders” like Evans Kidero (The He-Goat) actually went to school and passed some exams; but he only acquired “learning;” not EDUCATION. As such, The He-Goat cannot deliver.

On the other hand, we have Mike Sonko (Mbuvi) who has neither education nor character. Intelligence is Mbuvi’s distant cousin. Mbuvi has two fatal deficiencies and is incapable of comprehending the rudimentary requirements and ingredients about leadership/governance.

The late Thomas Joseph Mboya had very modest learning; however, he had the equivalent of a post-doctoral degree in both education and character.

Mboya was an eminent leader; a visionary and transformer. He was also one of the best political communicators of all times. Without the ability to read, digest and communicate, a leader cannot comprehend complex public policy issues and implement them for the benefit of the ordinary citizen.

Placing a person who lacks the requisite level of education and integrity in a position of power is like placing a ten-year old at the controls of a nuclear arsenal. The impending cataclysmic tragedy would not be a question of if but when. The certainty of the tragedy is a foregone conclusion. Another example is trying to cross the Atlantic on a donkey. You will inevitably

In other words, without both education and character, Martin Luther King, Jr. reminds us that our “leaders” have fatal intellectual and moral disabilities and cannot deliver on their duties, functions and responsibilities.

Therefore, we must remove or eject them and elect fresh, visionary and transformative leaders imbued with both education and character.

This is the time for progressive, transformative change.

Our Vote, Our Power! Viva!


Part X

True compassion is more than flinging a coin to a beggar; it comes to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs
restructuring. – Martin, Luther King, Jr

Essentially, Martin Luther King, Jr. was speaking about the horrible and uniquely Kenyan culture that has been perpetuated by the thieves and economic racketeers we call “leaders” who loot hundreds of billions of shillings from our economy each successive year yet pretend to “generously” give the millions of people they have impoverished a few hundred shillings’ handouts.

The culture of handouts and voter bribery is not compassion. Instead of creating jobs and delivering services to the people, the looters run around the City dishing out pennies while they keep the billions they have looted. They live in manicured homes; drive in expensive air-conditioned vehicles, helicopters and planes while those they have impoverished languish in filthy slums.

I am fully committed to transforming that situation in August 2017. We shall demonstrate true compassion through economic empowerment; not impoverishment.

Join me in the race to eject crooks from City Hall. Our Vote, Our Power!

Part XI

Elections are held every 5 years. When elected, the President and his/her deputy; each Governor and his/her Deputy; each Senator; each MP; and each MCA has only 5 years within which to deliver on ALL their responsibilities and campaign promises.
Each and every leader must and will be judged on their performance. In other words, what they have been able to do or what they have failed to do in the 5 years they were given the opportunity to perform and deliver.

Those who were elected in 2013 must explain what their ACHIEVEMENTS have been; not what they “intend” to do. This is not the time to make promises or to unveil plans. This is the time for a FORENSIC AUDIT of those we elected in 2013! Voters must VET and AUDIT their leaders on all aspects of service delivery.

The following is not an exhaustive list nor is it in any particular order. I offer it only as a guide:

  1. How they have used/utilized our taxes to deliver services?
  2. Have they presided over loss, misappropriation and mismanagement of public funds?
  3. How they have implementation the Constitution, especially the Integrity provisions in Chapter 6?
  4. How have they fought against or been involved in corruption and cartels?
  5. Have they fought against or been involved in tribalism, nepotism & cronyism?
  6. How many real and high quality jobs have they created?
  7. How much have they spent on infrastructural development such as roads, water, power, housing, et cetera?
  8. Have they created & enhanced a conducive environment for business; if so how, and to what extent have they done or failed to do so?
  9. Have they dealt with the #kanjokingdom, if not, why?
  10. Have they effectively addressed the traffic gridlock, if not, why?
  11. Have they banned the use of plastic; cleaned up the environment; protected riparian areas; and built a solid waste management system, sewers and storm drainage?

Those leaders like Evans Kidero who have had audit queries from the Office of the Auditor General and the Director of Budget; those who have misappropriated public funds (like Evans Kidero); or those who cannot explain how every shilling under their care has been spent (like Evans Kidero) must not be given another opportunity to lead.

Leadership is about Trust. Those who cannot account for public money and assets they have been entrusted with must be REJECTED/EJECTED.

Evans Kidero has stolen and misappropriated more than KShs.200 billion of our money in 4 years. The Auditor General has stated that he stole or misappropriated Kshs.42 billion in the last 12 months only as Mbuvi, Sakaja and Waweru kept sleeping at their multi-million shillings’ jobs!

Nairobi City County is in a hopeless and total mess under his watch.

The Senator and MPs who were supposed to ensure that public money and assets are secure and not abused or misappropriated have been either complicit in the mismanagement/ misappropriation and/or they have been sleeping on the wheel. These individuals must also be rejected/ejected as having failed in the discharge of their onerous public duties.

I appeal to and urge Nairobi voters to elect a transformative leader; one who has integrity and a tested record of fighting for the interests of the common man and woman.

Vote me as the next Governor of Nairobi City County.

Do not gamble with the destiny and future of more than 4 million Nairobi residents. Reject thieves and drug lords. Vote for an honest man. Parties or coalitions do not govern.

Those who have failed must go home.

Do not extend anyone’s mandate. No one needs 10 years to deliver on what they were supposed to do in 5 years. Nairobi is not for failures.

Do not give Evans Kidero the opportunity to REPEAT the class he has failed.

Do not risk giving this job to a self-declared failure like Mike Sonko.

Do not try untested and compromised individuals like Johnson Sakaja or Dennis Waweru.

Do not consider neophytes like Margaret Wanjiru.

These individuals have had their chances which they blew up. There is no second chance in leadership.

This is the time to chase away the corruption cartels from City Hall. This is the Time for transformation.

Choose a no-nonsense leader you (can) trust.

Part XII

Nations will march towards the apex of their greatness at the same pace as their education. Nations will soar if their education soars; they will regress if it regresses. Nations will fall and sink in darkness if education is corrupted or completely abandoned. – Simon Boliver

Quality education is the foundation of all thriving civilizations. Any country, state, province or county that aspires to greatness and prosperity must be led by truly educated men and women with vision and integrity. Education is not mere academic learning; it is rooted much deeper than that.

Leadership by the wealthy, especially those vision-less, incompetent and/or functionally illiterate people who have acquired their wealth through theft, looting and mismanagement of public resources and/or through criminal acts such as racketeering, drug peddling or money laundering – lead countries, states, provinces or counties to regression, decay, inequality and total collapse.

Nairobi City County is in a state of complete regression. There is high unemployment. More than 65% of the youth are unemployed, significant portions of the jobless youth are bright college and university graduates.

They have nothing productive to do during their most productive stage of their lives.

More than 70% of Nairobi residents have no proper housing: they live in filthy and unhealthy cud-board shelters in slums with no clean piped water; no toilet facilities; and zero social safety nets.

Although Nairobi residents pay 30% tax on their incomes, the County Government does not collect dispose of the garbage.
#HorrifyingNairobiGarbage is everywhere.

With no income, more than 70% of Nairobi residents cannot access quality healthcare, which is privatized in Kenya. They die in pain and squalid conditions.

The state of Nairobi roads and streets is as horrible as its garbage situation. The gulleys (which is what Nairobi “roads” have become) that residents use and have used since independence are narrow and dangerous.

In the midst of all these, the Auditor General has produced detailed audit reports showing how Evans Kidero and his cartels have looted more than Shs. 200 billion from the public coffers. This is our money, which could have delivered essential services; created hundreds of thousands of jobs and built infrastructure (water, roads and housing). It was more than adequate for constructing a modern solid waste management, sewer and storm drainage systems for the entire county.

Instead, Evans Kidero has looted and carted off our money and stashed it in his 15 plus bank accounts both here and abroad. He is busy destroying Nairobi in the same fashion that he had massacred Mumias Sugar Company.

According to the Auditor General’s reports for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Evans Kidero cannot account for hundreds of billions of our money that he has a legal and constitutional duty to protect. In other words, Evans Kidero has failed and does not deserve to hold any public office.

The senator, Mike Sonko, whose primary duty is to bring Evans Kidero to account, is both unwilling and unable to act as required by the Constitution.

As the American FBI and CIA departments stated in 2009, Mike Sonko is incapacitated by his known involvement in the narcotics trade (or drug peddling) and also due to his functional illiteracy. As evidenced in his recent physical altercation with Evans Kidero on the Senate floor, Mike Sonko is severely challenged intellectually and cannot deliver.

Unfortunately, Johnson Sakaja and Dennis Waweru – both Nairobi MPs who could have stepped in to bring Evans Kidero to account – are also both compromised and inept.

In other words, Nairobi has been abandoned to the vagaries of primordial forces of nature and must be liberated or it shall irreversibly decay and collapse.

Nairobi needs and deserves a visionary, focused, disciplined, an effective, transformative and an incorruptible leader. That is the leadership I offer.

Political parties or coalitions don’t deliver; individual visionary leaders do.

As the great Haitian revolutionary Jean-Jacques Dessalines once said, “We have dared to be free. Let us dare to be so by ourselves and for ourselves.”

The interests of the cartels and their surrogates are inimical to ours.

This is the Time for Positive/Progressive Change.

This is the Time for Transformation.

This is the Time to chase away Cartels from the City Hall.

Finally, as Toussaint L’Ourverture once said: “Unite; for combination is better than Warcraft!”

Our Vote, Our Power.


Something horrible has happened to the moral fiber of Kenya in the past 45 years.

To put it another way: Kenya has lost its moral fibre and compass. If things continue this way, the country called Kenya will be morally dead in another decade.

The life of the “average citizen” is no longer sacred or valued. We watch as police and thugs routinely gun down innocent people but we hardly do anything to bring the culprits to account.

Public land and assets are grabbed and disposed of by the cartels, elected “leaders” and their surrogates without any consequences.

Public institutions and officials with the responsibility of keeping life and public assets safe and secure are controlled by the cartels.

Appointment to public office is determined solely by the cartels that are in charge of hiring committees, vetting boards and parliamentary committees.

The Kenyan Judiciary is infested by cartels from the lowly clerk to the Supreme Court judges. Most Kenyan judges don’t dispense justice in accordance with the law and evidence; they issue edicts on behalf of the cartels.

Advocates don’t represent their clients; they use them as pawns in a cartel-manipulated process in which qualifications, merit, quality, performance, competence have lost meaning.

University teachers, bishops, priests – even elders – have been reduced to begging paupers or those either stealing or aspiring to steal like the cartels.

Mediocrity is valued and rewarded while merit and performance is derided and punished.

The shallower the reasoning or judgment the more accolades it attracts or receives.

Our courts have become auction houses where the highest bidder receives preferential treatment and results.

The Kenya Police Service, Directorate of Public Prosecutions and Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission have been turned into cartel-playgrounds where cartel-owned clerks, advocates and accountants are appointed to senior positions as gate-keepers for the murky underground mafia.

Public universities and colleges have become nothing more than kiosks where political cartels go to be awarded with fake degrees so that they can satisfy the constitutional requirements.

The cartels have looted Kenya dry and made most of our people homeless, insecure (socially, culturally, economically, financially and emotionally), hungry and desperate.

Kenyans have become cold, callous and inhuman. They refer to fellow human beings – homeless children, to be precise – as “chokora.” They yell and spit at or on the “chokora.”

Many Kenyans insist that the homeless children in our cities and towns are “useless loafers” who were “transported” to the streets in buses from elsewhere. Often, “transported from elsewhere” is a code-word for “the chokora are Kikuyu children from Central Kenya.”

There is a sickening xenophobia associated with this “transportation” narrative. But hardly any policy maker is interested in discussing the widespread and pervasive homelessness by more than 70% of the population.

Nairobi is stinking with rotting garbage. The roads are too few; too narrow; and too dilapidated for a modern city.

The rate of unemployment in Kenya – at 65% – is too high to support an economy which drives a country of nearly 50 million people. The unemployed youth in Nairobi in particular, are mostly young people with college and university diplomas/degrees. These are millions of very highly energetic, talented and creative individuals with nothing productive to do.
Instead of creating jobs for these jobless youth, our politicians use them as thugs for hire during electioneering period. They are paid paltry handouts to do the politicians’ bidding. However, since this sorry state has gone on for too long, a large number of Kenyans now believe that the situation is inevitable.

It is not. Poverty, homelessness and joblessness are not inevitable. Poor roads, housing, water and health services aren’t natural. These are temporal conditions that can be easily eradicated by genuine leaders with vision, commitment and who are not corrupt.

We must change the narrative of suffering, injustice, inequality and bad governance as being inevitable. Kenyans must only elect good leaders of integrity and demand from them delivery of high quality services and a better life for everyone.

We must return to the basics. Life must have value and be treated as sacred.

Education, training, creativity, resourcefulness and industry must be the basis of rewarding people; not their craftiness or cunningness.

Politics must be grounded and firmly premised on solid public policy; not on glitzy PR and empty rhetoric.

Kenyans are not lazy. Nor are they stupid. But for them to enjoy the standard of living they are entitled to, they must take matters into their own hands and dismantle the existing cartel networks and mechanisms of control.

Leaders must have visions, clear ideologies, platforms and commitments for public good.

However, that will only happen when we elect leaders of integrity and reject those owned, controlled or manipulated by the cartels.

Ultimate power belongs to the people. The power is in the ballot. Use it in August 2017. Remove all the cartels, looters, thieves and drug peddlers.


Part XIV

The Nuclear Option for Jubilee and Cord

This is filtered, weighed, balanced and well-considered advisory to the de-facto leader of Jubilee and President of the Republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta, and the Cord Leader Raila Odinga.

Nairobi is the capital city, the largest urban centre and the financial hub of The Republic. It is the seat of power for both the national government and Nairobi City County government. Nairobi is a metropolis with a population of more than 5 million people. Nairobi residents come from virtually all Kenyan communities.

Nairobi is the home to all races, creeds, religions and faiths. Nairobi serves as the economic, financial and geo-political centre of the region where business, political and peace deals are struck. It is the home of UNEP.

In other words, Nairobi is a very important urban centre.

Although Nairobi residents come from more than 50 linguistic groups, they almost always communicate in English and Swahili; not in their ethnic tongues.

More than 50% of Nairobi’s population falls below the age of 35. This constitutes more than 3 million of Nairobi’s population. About 65% of these young, vibrant, creative and highly educated Kenyans are jobless. Most of them live in the slums.

In other words, the Nairobi youth is jobless and homeless.

Essentially, the most productive segment of Nairobi’s population – its future – is hardly managing to live. They are hustling, scavenging and struggling to survive. They are not living. The Nairobi youth are unable to pay back their HELB loans. They cannot start families. And they cannot plan for the future.

This is a ticking time bomb. The youth is a highly explosive group that must be handled with care, tact and human sensitivity.

Even though they are currently used, manipulated, exploited and abused by our current “leaders,” a time is coming when this powder keg will explode.

Today, the Mbuvis, Kideros and Wawerus may use their ill-acquired wealth to rent the jobless and homeless youth as “huge crowds” for their rallies; pay some to harass, intimidate and beat up innocent civilians resisting their advances or handouts; however, a time is coming when the youth will seek their recompense from the “sonkos” amidst us.

Unless something drastic is done, the Nairobi youth will turn to organised crime, organise themselves into armed gangs in increasing numbers and creatively transform their numbers into a lethal weapon against the middle and upper classes.

When – not if – that happens, there will be a total break-down of law and order. Total chaos will ensure and Kenya will never be the same again.

The current widening and unmitigated gap between the rich and the poor – the gross, inhumane and intolerable inequality – will turn peaceful, well-educated and decent youth into anarchists, combatants and terrorists.

It is therefore in the best interest of The Republic for the Nairobi City County to have a visionary leader with adequate qualifications, progressive policies, plans and integrity in order to:

  1. transform governance;
  2. tackle the run-away corruption;
  3. dismantle the cartels;
  4. create jobs for the youth;
  5. construct the needed infrastructure;
  6. clean up the environment;
  7. build decent affordable housing for the homeless;
  8. construct roads, light rail, a sub-way system and solve the traffic gridlock;
  9. build a solid waste management system; and
  10. ultimately, make devolution a reality for our citizens.

This is why Jubilee and Cord must not support known looters, thieves and drug dealers.

Your Excellencies: You are privy to the Auditor General’s reports of how Evans Kidero has horribly stolen public funds at the Mumias Sugar Company and Nairobi County. We have witnessed an unprecedented orgy of pillage and plunder of public resources amounting to hundreds of billions of shillings. Nairobi coffers are dry, thanks to Kidero’s primitive greed and uncontrollable looting spree.

You have access to the American Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) investigation reports on one Mike Mbuvi’s involvement in organised crime and the illicit drug trade. You are also aware of the Auditor General’s reports on one Dennis Waweru’s misuse of the Dagoreti South Constituency CDF funds.

Consequently, it would be a tragic mistake and tantamount to criminal recklessness for you to disregard the interests of your long suffering citizens if you permitted a situation in your respective parties that would perpetuate the culture of impunity and demonstrate your lack of interest in the welfare of the most needy people in Nairobi by allowing thugs who flagrantly loot public resources, grab public land and sell illicit dangerous drugs to our vulnerable children to ascend to leadership in the City of Nairobi.

You must take a firm stand against corruption, organised crime, money laundering and drug peddling.

You must oppose the culture of impunity.

You must support the virtues of education, hard-work, industry, creativity, entrepreneurship and honesty.

You must support our endeavours to transform the culture of dependency and handouts.

You must stand with the youth in their efforts to become economically independent and productive members of the society.
I say “You Must” because there is no other way.

You have a clear choice and golden opportunity to either support positive transformation or to perpetuate the culture of impunity and lawlessness in Nairobi.

History and posterity will judge you harshly if you allow this opportunity to slip.

I cherish democracy and would love to defeat all candidates in a fair, free and democratic gubernatorial election because I’m confident that I will win against the vultures from your respective political formations.

However, I strongly urge you to ensure that those nominated on your party tickets are ethical and competent Kenyans – not thieves, looters, drug peddlers and/or functionally illiterate primitive outcasts whose only claim to leadership is the amount of ill-gotten wealth they have.

Ensure that Nairobi residents have a clean slate of leaders to choose from.

I will still defeat your vultures. However, save us from the stench of the stinking human skunks emanating from both Jubilee and Cord.

Nairobi residents are choking. Allow them to breathe fresh air.

Don’t allow human vultures from Jubilee and Cord to desecrate the democratic contest! Vultures don’t know how to comply with the rules of civilized contests.

Kenyans have suffered enough from those beastly creatures.

Kenyans are watching you!

Be bold and take a stand: Lock out thieves, looters and drug dealers from your parties.

Show Kenyans that they can trust you with power. Demonstrate to the Nairobi residents, especially the suffering youth that you are not captives of the rapacious cartels.

This is the time to redeem your chequered images and dwindling legacies.

This is your chance.


Mr. President and the Leader of the Minority: SEIZE THE MOMENT!

Viva Kenya! Viva Nairobi! Viva the Kenyan Youth! Viva!

Thank you.

Part XV

Exactly one year to next general elections, the cartel-owned and controlled media are at it again.

They desperately churn out fake opinion polls on the Nairobi gubernatorial seat each week. They know that I’m leading but they dare not admit it.

The strategy is simple: Focus on Nairobi. Make sure that the cartels – Thieves and Drug Dealers – keep a strong choke-hold in Nairobi. Publish opinion polls every week and place the Chief Looter Evans Kidero and The Chief Drug Lord Mike Sonko in the lead. Ensure that you conceal and blackout the leading candidate, Miguna Miguna. Eventually, the lie will be viewed as the truth and the cartels may continue their looting spree in Nairobi undeterred.

That explains why Maggie Ireri has concealed who funded/commissioned the latest fake poll. The so-called TIFA is some small company with no financial capacity to run a poll on its own without being paid. It is also a going concern/a business that operates on the profit model. Ms. Ireri knows that he who pays the piper calls the tune. Her fake poll must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves.

I first encountered Ms. Ireri on one gloomy December morning in 2007 after The Steadman had published some fake polls on the presidential contest. I forced The Steadman to “amend” their numbers after showing them credible evidence that their results had been cooked. They knew that their numbers were fake, anyway.

Ms. Ireri knows that she is neither an opinion poll researcher nor an analyst. She is an administrator. She neither conducted these latest disgraceful polls nor did she analyse them.

In 2010, I commissioned The Steadman/Synovate to carry out an opinion poll on the preferred ODM Presidential Candidate. Ms. Ireri had risen to the CEO’s position at that organisation. I designed the QUESTIONS for the Poll and paid for them. And unsurprisingly, the results that were announced by were in line with my questions.

Whoever designs the questions dictates the results.

My friend Kibisu Kabetesi, the long-standing Private Secretary to Musalia Mudavadi, rightly took great offence. The Steadman/Synovate had just helped me CONFIRM that Raila Odinga remained the most popular candidate in ODM.

There is no opinion poll anywhere in the world, which is neutral. Nor is there any opinion poll in the world which has not been commissioned.

Ms. Ireri’s fake poll was paid for by some member of the cartels who would like Nairobi to remain dirty, mismanaged, plundered and neglected.

Anybody who argues like Ms. Ireri does that the looter and incompetent Kidero or the functionally illiterate drug lord Mike Sonko are the “leading candidates” for Nairobi is either a retrogressive member or an apologist for the cartels.

Ms. Ireri also illegitimately claims that she INTERVIEWED 719 men and women between the ages of 18-60 physically (face-to-face) between July 28 and 31, 2016 in “16 sub-counties” of Nairobi.

Ms. Ireri does not disclose from which specific constituencies and wards the paltry 719 were interviewed from; their political party affiliation; their ethnic affiliation; and why my name was not put to them as a candidate.
Remember that I am the only candidate who is not holding and has not held an elective position vying as governor.

That is like polling 2 voters each out of more than 2.5 million from Nairobi’s 330 polling stations. The math is astounding! In other words, Ms. Ireri’s polls are fake, misleading and clearly designed to prop up the cartel candidates.

Nairobi voters must reject this cynical gimmick! Ms. Ireri’s poll is as fake as all the other cartel-commissioned ones.

Part XVI

The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, takes no part in political life. He doesn’t seem to know that the cost of living, the price of beans, of flour, of rent, of medicines all depend on political decisions. He even prides himself of his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says, he hates politics. He doesn’t know, the imbecile, that from his political non-participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber and, worst of all, corrupt officials, the lackeys of exploitative multinationals. – Bertolt Brecht

I’ve read some politically partisan and coordinated messages by cartel surrogates and apologists demanding that I publish my “plans and blue prints” up to and including “names of Miguna’s running mate; his nominees for the positions of county executive officers, county principal secretaries and county public service members.”

Significantly, the elections for which I’m vying will be held in August 2017 – one year from today’s date. In politics, that duration of time is considered vast.

Both the USA Democratic Presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, and her Republican counterpart, Donald Trump, unveiled their respective running mates three months before the November 2016 Presidential election in America.

In Kenya, no political party including the governing Jubilee Coalition and the minority coalition party, Cord, have conducted their nominations. In other words, not one single presidential or gubernatorial aspirant or candidate has published a vision and/or manifesto and absolutely none of them have unveiled their running mates.

Further, names of nominees to the cabinet and other senior positions in government are only announced by the person elected AFTER the victors have been sworn in. Similarly, nobody unveils a “plan” or “blueprints” with architectural and structural drawings as an electoral tool. It is not done in the manifesto anywhere in the world.

Virtually everywhere else in modern democracies, individuals running for public office are supposed to be JUDGED based on their visions, manifestos, personal integrity, history and record.

Candidates for public office are required to state broadly what they intend to do when or if elected into office. They are never compelled to draw a detailed outline on “how” they intend to implement their visions or manifestos.

It’s not done in Canada, Kenya, the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and France.

Essentially, it’s not done by any candidate anywhere!

A manifesto is simply a candidate’s public declaration of policy and aims. It is NOT a DETAILED “plan” or “blueprint.” Nor does a manifesto implement itself. Kenya and Nairobi have been brought to their knees –economically speaking – by a cocktail of deceptive and hypocritical politicians that preach water but drink wine.

That’s why I have repeatedly stated that INTEGRITY is the software of leadership without which a leader is nothing but a primitive dangerous beast with power.

In addition, a manifesto cannot contain names of individuals to be appointed into public office nor is it proper for it to contain architectural drawings, engineering/ structural drawings, quantity surveys, budget estimates, et cetera.

A manifesto cannot contain the number of markets and stalls in the markets that a candidate may propose to construct.
It doesn’t happen and has never happened anywhere else in the world including in Kenya.

The cartel mob has been yelling that I must publicly disclose the number of markets I intend to build for hawkers including details of how many stalls will be located inside each market and how many businesses license “Miguna’s administration will issue at the City Hall.”

The demands are utterly nonsensical. Complete insanity.

These are not just unreasonable demands; they are maliciously staged. For reasons best known to them, the cartels and their messengers believe(d), wrongly, that I would either be naïve or stupid enough to construct “plans” and/ or “blueprints” based on their incompetently presented baits and delve into trivial and/or irrelevant administrative details that any efficient
government would delegate to technical professionals such as urban planners, economists, engineers, lawyers and policy wonks within the administration. The “plans,” “blueprints” and “budget estimates” are never prepared by a campaign before a government assumes power and gets access to staff, data and resources.

Miguna doesn’t construct castles in the air.

Unfortunately for the cartels and their messengers, Miguna Miguna is not just a pragmatic and an incorruptible visionary leader who happens to have a deep appreciation of how government works; he also has clear and practical policies that will inform the plans and blueprints (to be prepared after elections), which is the role of a governor.

I provide a vision and leadership to a vibrant transformation team.

At the moment, I’m a private citizen. I don’t hold any public office. I cannot be held accountable for how public funds are being utilised or misused by those occupying public office.

The person that the vociferous mob should be demanding accountability, “plans” and “blueprints” from is Evans Kidero – the incompetent and corrupt governor who has presided over an unprecedented mess at City Hall.

Kidero has been presiding over a spectacular looting spree and complete neglect at the Nairobi City Hall. Under Kidero’s administration and Mike Sonko’s failure to provide oversight, Nairobi City has been turned into a huge dumping ground for garbage.

Four years after the 2013 elections, Mr. Kidero has not produced a plan because he has none and never intended to deliver services to the residents of Nairobi as prescribed in the Constitution.

As the Auditor General, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Parliamentary Accounts Committee have consistently pointed out, Kidero’s primary focus has been solely to massively steal our tax money.

I’ve persistently pointed out Kidero’s failures, incompetence and looting spree in numerous Facebook posts and Tweets, which the cartels and their surrogates have chosen to fight, attempt to sabotage or distract from.

Yet, the mob shouting about “Miguna’s plan” has never demanded any plans, blueprints and full accountability from Mr. Kidero, whom we pay handsomely to deliver services but has decided to steal from us instead.

Nor has the cacophonous mob demanded or obtained copies of “plans” by other individuals vying for various public offices including those who have stated their interest in the Nairobi gubernatorial race.

By attacking the only candidate with integrity and zero record of involvement in corruption, the mob has chosen sides. They prefer the status quo of theft, looting, drug peddling and money laundering by the cartels to a clean incorruptible man who will make devolution work and deliver services to Nairobi residents.

In other words, the cacophonous idlers and cartel groupies are abetting corruption, drug peddling and money laundering in Nairobi. They are reactionary-anti-people- guns-for-hire!

If their unconvincing protestations were to be believed, the unfocused mob should have joined me in demanding answers from Evans Kidero and Mike Sonko or Mbuvi, the Nairobi senator whose principal mandate is bringing accountability to the county government over how public funds have been used. That’s why the senate was established.

The Senate’s “eyes” in Nairobi, so to speak, is Mbuvi who has never drafted any bill, contributed to any debate and has never used the powers the senate accords him to ensure that devolution works and basic services are delivered for Nairobi residents.

The other political joy-riders the cacophonous mob should be yelling at are Johnson Sakaja (nominated MP) and Dennis Waweru (the Dagoreti South MP). These two sit at the National Assembly and have the constitutional and legal duty and authority to protect public resources from being plundered by Kidero and his City Hall cartels.

More importantly, at a time when more than 70% of the youth in Nairobi – almost all of them college and university graduates – are unemployed and live in squalor in inhumane conditions in the filthy slums; residents are forced to suffocate under the rotting garbage, scavenge for water and hustle for survival – the cartel surrogates, many of whom claim to be media
“practitioners” and self-styled “consultants” are busy hurling profanities at me.

Instead of focusing their attention and anger on the incompetent and corrupt public officers, the mob is targeting the only person running for public office in Kenya who has unveiled both a clear vision.

My vision was published in March 2016 – four months ago. I’m also the only gubernatorial candidate in the entire country who has unveiled a comprehensive, progressive and transformative Manifesto.

As my campaign gets more traction on the ground and evidently more robust, malicious detractors will resort to more desperate strategies and tactics. The cartels will also try to use – as they have been doing already – their compromised “mainstream media” to try and torpedo the Transformative Revolution.

Luckily, as Victor Hugo once remarked, “You can resist an invading army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”

The complete defeat, annihilation and ejection of the cartels from the Nairobi City County and its concomitant radical restructuring and transformation are ideas that will not be successfully resisted by the cartels, their surrogates and messengers.

Viva Nairobi! Viva!